China doctoral dissertations full-text database

The program has started working with fertilizer companies to test strategies for resolving this problem, through improved access to affordable smaller packs of fertilizer. They produce exceptionally high quality data from continuous engagement, and facilitate the study of seasonality and the intensive scrutiny of social networks.

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Our online full-text search capability and digital imaging permits the user to search and manipulate this information in ways never before possible. Indeed, much information about the microeconomics of development in the dryland tropics is derived from the Village Level Studies core dataset.

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Efficient management of rainwater through in-situ conservation has improved water availability in the watersheds. Water is captured instead of running off the hard-crusted soil. It has increased school enrolment of children, as families can now afford to send their children to school.

Cultivation of chickpea has been transformed from a subsistence to a market-oriented activity in Andhra Pradesh, providing an excellent example of inclusive market-oriented development.

China Doctoral Dissertations Full-text Database

Eliot also advocates literacy, religious instruction and the encouragement of marriage among the slave population. The impact Farmers prefer early-maturing groundnut varieties with high pod and haulm yields, high shelling turnover, good seed size, and resistance to drought and diseases.

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Hidden next to the book reviews is a link to a couple of lengthy excerpts for you to read, and a long and informative interview. Annual rainfall is low mm compared to the state average of mm with prolonged dry spells of 45—50 days.

Farmers place part of their harvest in a local storehouse in return for inventory credit. Meanwhile, the establishment of water harvesting structures has also improved groundwater levels.

The records are invaluable for the work of the Catholic Church in the Southwest, especially among Hispanics. The number of worshipers rose from 25, in to 52, inand the number of churches from to 1, during the same years.

ICRISAT scientists exploited this feature to make crosses with wild relatives and develop a cytoplasmicnuclear male-sterility CMS system, a prerequisite for hybrid breeding technology. Each sub-box within this figure shows the syntenic relationships between a single pigeonpea chromosome and the entire soybean genome.

The CMS system has three lines: Unfortunately, the maize crop fails in three out of five years, leaving families to rely on pigeonpea — widely considered a lifesaver and guarantor of livelihoods in these drought-prone areas.

China doctoral dissertations full-text database

Crop maturity in chickpea ranges from 80 to days depending on genotype, soil moisture, time of sowing, latitude and altitude. The rehabilitation of degraded common lands in the Bundi watershed in Rajasthan through community participation not only made the village self-sufficient in fodder, but also generated additional income for the community through the sale of excess fodder.

Community-based integrated watershed management A community-based approach to integrated rural development uses watershed management as an entry point Improved access to water means more than just survival in the dryland tropics.

The Village Level Studies provide the only dataset in the world that has been analyzed so extensively by the scientific community and, as a result, new policies and technologies have been developed to suit the dryland tropics.

The Library consists of three floors in both the north and west wings that include: The hybrid seed production technology has been finalized and a target set for expanding CMS-based hybrid pigeonpea cultivation to overha by It provides a single point of access to a wide range of secondary data including large-scale government surveys, international macro data, business micro data, qualitative studies and census data from to The commercial produce is marketed through producer marketing groups PMGs.

This was a milestone in the history of food legume breeding. In collaboration with partners in national agricultural research systems, ICRISAT is also exploring the use of seed coating and an animal-drawn mechanized planter as other options to further reduce the quantity of fertilizer used, as well as to address the labor constraint.

In addition to experiencing low productivity, a large majority of the drylands are severely deficient in micronutrients zinc, boron and sulphur. Within five years the first female parents were obtained using methods similar to those employed for hybrid pigeonpea, although the crossing work could begin immediately with previously available CMS lines such as CK60A.A-Z Index of U.S.

Government Agencies is an index of departments, agencies, bureaus, committees, offices, and the three branches of U.S.

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government: legislative, judicial, and executive.: ABI Inform Collection features over 4, journals, forming a business database package that offers more than 2, full-text titles covering business and economic conditions, corporate strategies, management.

Nov 01,  · Research Resources. A Subject Tracer™ Information Blog developed and created by Internet expert, author, keynote speaker and consultant Marcus P. Zillman, M.S. Description. This full-text database contains doctoral dissertations in all subjects published in China since Type.

Description. This full-text database contains doctoral dissertations in all subjects published in China since Type.

China Doctoral Dissertations Full-text Database

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China doctoral dissertations full-text database
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