Understanding taxation

What is the difference between Financial Year and Assessment Year: The more composite your total income, the more tortuous the form — if you receive a combination of incomes, it is a good idea to engage a chartered accountant.

Understanding Property Taxes

Delivered twice a week, straight to your inbox. This following year is called Assessment Year also called AS. The tax withholding system was developed in part by famous economist Milton Friedmanwho then worked for the Tax Research Division of the Treasury.

Here we will try to clear some of the confusions associated with these terms. Lowest cost Understanding taxation not consider whether a holding is long-term or short-term.

Current law permits the offsetting of long-term capital gains and short-term capital gains. Under the current withholding system, each April, people either pay the remainder of what they owe, or, if too much tax has been withheld, get a refund.

First, you need to be unmarried or considered unmarried as of the last day of the year. Understanding taxation is only a mechanism for the collection of other taxes. Collecting income taxes from employees imposed a large burden on employers by placing them in the role of tax collector in addition to the role of businessman.

Any investor who must pay taxes to a foreign government on investment income realized from a foreign source may be eligible to recoup some or all of the tax paid via this credit.

The amount of income tax that is withheld from each paycheck depends on how an employee fills out IRS form W4. If the tax you paid to the foreign government is lower than your tax liability in the U.

More specifically, they include: If married, you cannot file separately. Essentially, you have a dependent that is supported by you. The target of VAT is consumption of goods and services and unless an item is specifically exempted by law, the consumer is liable to the tax.

Highest cost is generally an attractive methodology for short-term holdings, except when the market has risen dramatically. He is an associate at a boutique Phoenix, AZ-area tax law firm that handles various tax-related matters including estate planning, probate, business and real estate law.

With the advent of the regulation that mandates every business to have a Tax Identification Number TIN before opening a Bank account, it is only a question of time before the government brings most businesses within the tax net, therefore understanding the different types of taxes, rates and available deductions should now be an essential for businesses.

When average cost is used, it is required that all lots be taken from FIFO. It is probably the most common and straightforward tax lot ID method.

A tax credit puts more money in your pocket, reduces the amount of tax you owe, and may also give you a refund. Withholding Tax Withholding tax is basically an advance and indirect source of taxation deducted at source from the invoices of the tax payer.

The firm operates a blog to which Steve regularly contributes.

Property Taxes And Assessments

Interested in uncovering the mystery behind taxes? Tax lot ID methods we support:The federal government has sought to encourage retirement savings for years by allowing you to deduct contributions to your (k) and IRA from your income and thus lower your tax bill.

Now there’s a new credit in town called the Saver’s Credit, and it is designed to benefit low. Although participation in the course does not require prior experience or knowledge about the US tax system, participants should have some understanding of general principles of taxation, including international aspects.

The IRS requires businesses to capitalize the cost of these items.

Understanding The Tax Benefits Of A Mortgage

Each item or asset has an assigned life, often referred to as tax life. During each year of the asset's tax life, you can deduct or recover a portion of the initial investment as a depreciation allowance. This is a guest post about understanding taxes by Steve Cook.

He is an associate at a boutique Phoenix, AZ-area tax law firm that handles various tax-related matters including estate planning, probate, business and real estate law.

Income Tax

These days, tax preparation software (like TurboTax or TaxSlayer) and tax accountants make it relatively easy to stumble through the tax-paying process every spring. But that’s different from actually understanding taxes.


Let us break down the basics of taxation for you. The Daily Telegraph Tax Guide Understanding the Tax System, Completing Your Tax Return and Planning How to Become More Tax Efficient May 3, by David Genders.

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Understanding taxation
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